4 Misconceptions About Wine Storage

January 25, 2024

Unlike other alcoholic drinks, wine needs a little more care to maintain the taste and flavours we love so much. Extreme swings or excessive temperatures can alter the delicate chemical structures in wine which may end up ruining the taste. UV rays can also degrade and prematurely age wine. Fortunately for wine lovers, the art of wine storage goes back centuries and there are many practical steps that can be taken to preserve your bottles.

However there are also many persistent myths that exist about wine storage. To help separate fact from fiction, we’ve gone in depth into 4 misconceptions about wine storage and how our services at the Singapore Wine Vault can help.

1) Storing At Room Temperature Is Fine

Wine coolers exist for a reason. Especially in our tropical climate, the average daily temperatures will oxidise your wine and accelerate the ageing process. Leaving a bottle of wine out on a hot day can result in a permanently unpleasant sour taste.

The ideal temperatures for wine are between 12-19 degrees for red wine and 8-12 degrees for white. Wine coolers help keep your bottles cool and unspoiled for long periods of storage.

2) You Can Store Wine In A Glass Cabinet

Wine bottles often come in enchanting bottles with impressive labels. If you’re an avid collector, you could be tempted to show off and display your wine in a glass cabinet for your guests to admire. However UV light from the sun is the foremost enemy of wine.

UV light causes chemical reactions within the amino acids to create sulphur. Sulphur compounds cause unpleasant tastes and aromas, and can be smelled even at very low concentrations.

To circumvent such problems, a wine cooler is a good solution. They have UV-resistant tinted glass to reduce the amount of UV exposure. Or you can also consider storing your wine in a professional wine cellar in Singapore where experts are able to maintain very precise environments for your collection.

3) All Wine Can Be Aged

Contrary to popular belief, most wine is designed to be consumed within a few years of their purchase. Only very few wines taste better when aged beyond that. Some examples of wines that age well include Rieslings, Cabernets, Chardonnays, Madeiras, and Pinot Noir. These are considered good candidates for ageing as they generally have higher sugar contents, are high in tannins, or have good acidity.

Other wines like Sauvigion Blanc, Rosés, Pinot Grigio, or inexpensive wines are better when consumed early and should not be aged in a wine cellar or cabinet.

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4) Wine Can Be Kept Upright

To understand this myth, we have to go into the complicated relationship between wine and oxygen. Oxidation is a natural process that occurs during winemaking and can lead to deeper, more complex flavours. However too much oxygen causes irreversible damage and winemakers have stringent methods to prevent over-oxidation of wine.

One of these measures is corking a bottle. The cork stops the oxidation process and only allows a limited amount of oxygen to enter. Storing a bottle of wine on its side ensures that the cork is in constant contact with the liquid inside and prevents it from drying out and losing its efficacy.

Wine is a living, breathing product that is very much a product of its environment. However, wine storage doesn’t have to be overly complicated or impractical. By understanding common misconceptions and following simple guidelines, you can ensure your bottles are kept in top condition.

If you have expensive investment-quality wines then perhaps it would be best to trust the experts. At Singapore Wine Vault, our highly secure state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with humidity and temperature controls that keep your bottles in perfect conditions for ageing. We also provide wine delivery services in Singapore to your choice of location.

Contact us today to let us know of your interest in our services and let us know if you have any questions for our team.

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