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Wine Cellar Spaces

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Wine Vault App

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Technical Info

Technical Info

Duties Calculator

Duties Calculator

Opening a wine storage account
with Singapore Wine Vault is very simple,
we welcome clients from Singapore and overseas


Why use our facilities

  • Storage in our state-of-the-art wine humidity-and-temperature-controlled and highly-secure bonded warehouse, with option to store in either of our main chamber areas: 12°C for storage of fine wines, or 20°C for storage of commercial wines
  • Singapore Wine Vault is celebrated as the company that made history; the first to receive the internationally recognised ISO Certification and HACCP Certification from Tuv Rheinland in Wine Storage and Handling. With our guarantee of security and professionalism, you can have peace of mind when you leave your wines with us.
  • Receipt and handling of your wine with care
  • Online account access to Wine Butler App
  • Processing of GST and taxes for duty-suspended goods
  • In-bond transfers
  • Case picking and loose picking in the wine storage
  • Certificate of authentication for wine cellarage upon request


In addition, we offer:

  • Optional wine insurance that covers fire, theft, breakage
  • Wine photography upon request
  • Delivery to your choice of location, domestically or outbound


Contact us with your storage requirements and we will provide an estimate for you. Upon confirmation, all we require is a copy of your NRIC to prepare the official quotation for your acknowledgement. Your new account will be set up upon receipt of the signed quotation and security deposit from you.


Wine Cellar Spaces

Wine Cellar SpacesDual Choices Whether it’s bonded or non-bonded wine cellar spaces, we offer the best of both worlds to you. For collectors who prefer to cellar their wines through the years, or for distributors who choose to store their wines until the next order, our bonded option allows you to suspend the payment of duty and GST until the wines are withdrawn for consumption. To ensure ideal storage for all types of wines, our non-bonded wine space is separated into 2 temperature zones (12°C and 20°C) for ideal storage. This ensures that your bubbly, white and red wines can be stored and aged at the optimal temperature – a detail valued by serious collectors. Wine lovers, however, will always have a collection of wines for ready drinking.

The Wine Vault App

Wine Vault App With your Singapore Wine Vault Virtual Cellar account, you can have easy online access to your wine cellar, from anywhere in the world. With customized Android and iPhone applications, it offers an instant overview of your wine collection. Whatever your preferred search, the app will deliver instant information for easy management of your wine portfolio. We can also arrange delivery for your wines – at the touch of a button. We ensure the delivery of your selected wines from door to door, be it to offices or residential addresses. Just fill in a simple request and leave it to our wine butler. Our maximum protection and insurance guaranteed. After all, the wine lifestyle should be an enjoyable affair.

Mobile Application Services

  • Customised Android and iPhone applications, with a selection of search filters to offer a customized, instant overview of your wine collection including making your own personal record of wine notes and reminders
  • Online Access to your Cellar, from anywhere in the world
  • Photographic Inventory of your wine collection upon your request
  • Door-to-door delivery of wines

GCB-01 (Cropped)

d921d097-f9b4-4c1d-99ad-bc908f1716a5 At Singapore Wine Vault, it’s always about the wines and living the wine lifestyle, hence it’s only befitting we introduce to you G.C.B (Garden.Club.Bar), an exclusive club created for our wine storage clients to relax in. Located on the sixth floor overlooking the courtyard, a sleekly designed bar with stone and wood finishes conveys the refined elegance of a modern day gentlemen’s club, providing the perfect setting for individual tastings, wine appreciation sessions or private events. A separate private dining room in the wine bar can sit up to 20 guests, perfect for meetings or an intimate dinner to enjoy one’s fine wines. Accompanied with a large commercial kitchen, the Singapore Wine Vault wine bar can offer endless entertainment possibilities. Contact us here for enquiries.

Technical Information

Attention to detail is fundamental for excellent wine cellarage. Be it the level of humidity, the choices of temperature storage, lighting technology, the security or top grade insulation, we know we offer you the best at the Singapore Wine Vault. You can rest assured Singapore Wine Vault enjoys the tight security of a bank vault.

Humidity range

  • Set at 60-70% for optimum storage in all the main and private cellars


  • Main chamber: 2 temperature selections for storage of fine wines (12°C) and commercial wines (20°C).

Lighting control

  • Motion sensor activated light system by zones
  • Zero natural light penetration, likened to an underground bunker 20m below ground


  • Eco friendly state of the art insulation design, with 150 mm thick polyurethane paneling for floors, walls and ceilings


  • Controlled and restricted access by zones
  • 24 hour CCTV with round the clock surveillance
  • 300 surveillance cameras and face recognition access controls
  • Dual entry security for all areas, accompanied by an experienced Singapore Wine Vault staff
  • Central control room for 24 hours monitoring of temperature, humidity and security controls

Foolproof Emergency Back-Up system

  • For undisrupted power supply during emergencies, we are equipped with foolproof back-up system

Duty & GST calculator

For all types of wine consumed and distribute in Singapore, the Singapore Government levies an excise duty of $88 per liter of alcohol. In addition, a Good and Services Tax (GST) of 7% is applicable as well. Our bonded and non-bonded options provides greater flexibility for those who wish to delay the payment of such duties and tax.

Duty and GST Calculator

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