Bernard’s Pick of the week: Sake Navigator

Last Saturday was quite a work day as I was fortunate that SWV sent me to my very first Sake Navigator Course. I have been enjoying sake for quite a while however I haven’t really indulged in it. But that was until went on a Sake trip to Niigata, the rice capital of Japan last October. This trip really drove me to chase this. The course was rather niche but while there were a few of us who loved rice dishes, we were more interested in sake.

Some tips on the important elements of making sake is obviously, rice, water, microbe, climate and toji (the brew master). From these elements we started our journey to Shuzo-kotekimai which is the official designation for rice suited for sake. Then, to brewing onto reading sake label which I found to be just intricate and precise as any German wine label. The sake world did not go without classification just like any other world wines. Basically, it is brief with two type of sake: Futsu-shu (normal sake) and Tokutiemeisho-shu (special designation sake) which is equivalent to table wine for the former and premium wine for the latter.

I’ll end it here but next week, I’ll cover the sake flavor profiles.