Bernard’s Weekly Wine Pick: Vintage Chambertin

When you want to taste an exceptionally good, textbook Burgundy and you’re willing to splash quite a bit on it, you must go with the Chambertin from the domaine of Armand Rousseau . Lucky for me, a good friend hand carried an excellent bottle from Zurich and hosted a dinner. 1989 is a good vintage as it scored a good 94 points. Just so the wine recovers from the transportation shock it has gone through before indulging in it.

Well, eagle beavers couldn’t wait any longer (me among them) and shockingly the wine turned out beautiful. Crystal clear crimson brick color and it looks younger than the vintage itself. It has scents of forest leaves embedded with fresh truffles ; nothing pretentious. We give it top marks to the house of Rousseau. This was exquisite and gives so much pleasurable feeling in the mouth. I paired it with braised stuffed sea cucumber and it rewarded me with a long long finish. Try it yourself. I can see the sediments that are so different in size as compared to other houses. They are not powdery but fine and solidly bigger. We drained every bit of it from the bottle. The best Chambertin I have tasted in a long time.