SINGAPORE CITY, SINGAPORE – Great wines only get better with age and the proper care. Like all finer things in life, the best vintages require specialized storage and handling. Banking on years of experience, Singapore Wine Vault is offering clients a way to care for their investment. Their latest foray into online territory puts them in direct connection with their patrons from all over the world and allows them to expand their services in the wine storage industry.

Singapore Wine Vault Launches_BlogA member of the CWT Group, Singapore Wine Vault draws on over 40 years of global logistics experience in a variety of industries. It is this capability that drives the creation of their new Wine Hub, a 750,000 state-of-the-art structure that serves as both a dedicated wine cellar and architectural feat. Many of the vault’s security and surveillance functions, as well as the company’s certification system will be linked to their online presence.

With the launch of their website, the brand is providing a sneak peek into the upcoming facility and opening the way for customers to gain more in-depth knowledge about Singapore Wine Vault and the industry itself. The “Menu of Services” section provides a detailed list of commercial and personal services, as well as details on the technical specifications of The Drôme cellar. Others include information on bonded wine spaces, and the new Wine Butler app which links clients with their personal cellars via a mobile device.

In the “Gallery” portion, visitors can view the different aspects of the upcoming facility. The section also offers a virtual tour, allowing prospective guests to get a lay of the land. “Accreditations” details the various accomplishments and certifications of Singapore Wine Vault, while the “Library” collates various articles that delve deeper into the wine industry: exploring events, business trends, and modern trivia. Finally guests can contact the brand directly through the “Stay in Touch” tab with its automated response form.

Poised to provide the best in wine storage services, Singapore Wine Vault’s new website is just the first step to a revolutionary journey through the industry and a genuine celebration of the wine lifestyle.


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