Coravin: Another Oenophile’s Weapon Against Aging


The advent of technology has led to great breakthroughs in wine preservation, all in the effort to keep your wine fresh and free from oxidation. Singapore Wine Vault is always on the lookout for new Winemaking technology and we’ve set our sights on Coravin. This new preservation tech that’s been getting some hefty attention. It’s a nifty gadget that promises to save your prized bottle from spoilage.

A Bottle’s Lifesaver

Coravin as WeaponBottle corks pretty much saves your best tasting wine from oxidation. But once you uncork the bottle, you need to drink every last ounce of it. Because once it is exposed to air, the wine won’t taste as fresh as before. Putting back the cork won’t cut it anymore.

If drinking a bottle in one session isn’t your thing, Coravin promises to save the quality of your wine. Basically, Coravin is a device with a needle goes through the cork. The wine flows through the needle and the device attached to it pumps argon gas and keep the contents fresh.

And in spite of the hole made through the cork, the makers of Coravin say oxidation won’t occur.

A Great Addition to Wine Preservation

So why is it a great addition alongside your small collection of different kinds of vino?

Well, with the Coravin, you won’t have to remove the cork, sealing the freshness, the taste and aroma within the bottle. The Coravin’s hypodermic needle that pushes through the cork won’t create a huge gaping hole. If you want your prized bottles to be fresh all the time, then consider buying Coravin Wine System. For $299.95, you can purchase the first iteration but if you want a slight upgrade with a larger needle that can pour faster and sports a sleeker look, the latest model costs $349.95.

Wine Safety First

Coravin as WeaponWhile it is a great tool for maintaining the cool and crisp flavor of wine, there have been reports of issues with Coravin use. Remember that the tool injects argon gas through the needle and into the bottle? Well, this gas builds up compression from the neck of the bottle and the cork might create a seal once you pull the needle out. Prolonged use of the Coravin on the bottle might build the pressure inside and it could potentially blow up all of the sudden. There has been a report of seven wine bottle explosions last 2014. The Coravin makers recommend to hold the wine bottle with a soft cover (such as a wine pouch) to avoid any injury just in case.. And remember to remove the bottle after usage.