Couples Who Drink Wine Together are Happier

As if you needed another reason to open a new bottle.

They say that the way to a person’s heart is through the stomach, but a recent study suggests it could be through a glass of wine.

Couples who Drink Together

Drinking CouplesA recently published study in the suggests that couples who both drink wine (preferably together) have higher chances of having a happy marriage in the long run.

The researchers focused on heterosexual couples in the US, gathering responses from 2,767 married couples as part of a long-term health survey.

The study found that marriages last an average of 33 years, with approximately two thirds of the respondents in their first marriage.

Couples who drank wine and alcohol report having a happier marriage through the years.

Drunk in Love
Getting down to the specifics, the study found that women were least happy in their marriage when they don’t drink but their husband does. Couples who don’t drink ranked higher in happiness than couples where one partner drinks and the other doesn’t.

The findings is not a license to go binge drinking on wine with your loved one. It does, however, stress the importance of spending quality time with your significant other. It’s more of the drinking status rather than the amount of alcohol–i.e., sharing stories or catching up while having a glass or two.

Kira Birditt, PhD of the Institute for Social Research of the University of Michigan led the study. She told Reuters that there is still no definitive reason how alcohol helps married couples be happier, but this could fit in the theory that couples who do more together tend to be happier.

Opening a Bottle of Love
The next time you’re planning dinner or just spending time with your loved one, here are some wine options you can check out. Sharing these drinks will likely make quality time all the more special.

Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards has been perfecting the Royal Cuvée since serving the first vintage to the king and queen of Spain in 1987. The 2007 Royal Cuvée is late-disgorged, giving the sparkler a richer palate. It opens with notes of green apple, citrus and honey on the nose, and continues into the mouth with flavors of black cherry, brioche and Asian pear.

It pairs well with a variety of appetizers, from toasted almonds and marinated olives, to fried calamari and seared scallops—hors d’oeuvre perfect for any date night.

Cheers to LoveWhat’s a date night without Champagne?

For a taste of bubbly without the hefty price tag of a Dom, try Champagne Deutz’s ‘Amour de Deutz’ Blanc de Blancs.

Champagne Deutz has been making fine bubblies since 1838, keeping to their commitment of working closely with local grape producers that follow sustainable growing practices. The blend is born of the romance of grand cru Chardonnays, nurtured in a haven of natural chalk that gives it an expressive complexity.

The wine boasts of an impish young charm, which gradually softens through the years, revealing the quintessential qualities of the grapes. This amazing cuvée comes together in a beautiful harmony for all the senses.

This lusty blend is loaded with luscious berry jam flavours, supported by hints of black pepper that come out in a smooth finish. It’ll entice you with a decadent bouquet of blackberry and vanilla spice on the nose.

As the name might suggest, it pairs well with a number of date night food, including smoky barbecued ribs, lasagna, and pepperoni pizza.

Whatever your reasons are for sharing a glass of wine with your loved one, make it count by not only enjoying the wine, but also their company.