Economic Swings and Wine Value


The economic swings, from high to low, directly relate to the impact of wine value and consumption on all corners of the globe.  From the coastal wineries of New Zealand to the historic vineyards of Napa Valley, California, the global economy plays a significant role in high quality wine consumption and valuation. Let’s take a moment and review the current economic trends impacting the value of your wine cellar and some historic references to consider as future variables arise.

High Quality Wine in the Modern Economy

Wine Value 1Based on recently reported data, the consumption of high-quality wine throughout the world (event at increasingly higher price categories)  continues to move in a positive direction. The world economy is steadily  growing  weathering the  Great Recession of the United States and the financial crisis in Europe. Labour markets have improved with the job engine turning once again.  With a decrease in household debt and personal registers on the positive, wine enthusiasts have more disposable income today. They can indulge in their wine lifestyle and are looking at getting higher end wine labels and quality to increase their collection.

History Repeats Itself

Wine lifestyle often goes far beyond enjoying a quality wine at dinner with friends or family.  For many wine enthusiasts from around the world, wine has become an investment for the future that needs to be protected. Through this, they expect a return on investment years down the road, either in drinkability or monetary value.  By taking into consideration the global trends in production and value of wine, one can attempt to identify potential trends in buy or sell timelines.

When reviewing global trends over the past 45 years, one factor becomes apparent immediately: volatility is constant.  Wine value followed global economic trends in the early 1990’s with a drastic reduction in wine value. However, a significant and steady increase in wine value carried over the “.Com” boom of the mid-1990’s into the early 2000’s.  As a new millennium turned, the values of wine from around the globe drastically decreased for the better part of 10 years. But that changed in  2010 when a momentous increase in wine value began once again- bringing us to the current state of valued-performance.

So, what does this information mean to the wine enthusiasts around the world?  By monitoring market performance and global economy trends, one can attempt to maximise current or future-potential values of wine labels.  When deciding the next bottle to take place in a diversified wine cellar, take a moment to review the current trend to maximise drinkability as well as profitability.

Wine Labels to Consider in Your Next Diversified Investment

Let’s take a look at some of the highest quality wine labels and wineries throughout the world that will help to diversify your wine cellar:

Castel Grand Vin- Vintage 2012

Wine Value 2Considered one of the most valued Kosher wine labels in the world, the Castel Grand Vin is a premium red wine. It is made with only the highest quality of grapes produced from vineyards located in close proximity to Jerusalem.  Utilising old-world traditional methods and  modern technology, Domaine du Castel Family Estate strives to produce only the highest of quality wines available. They have received the acclaim and standard of being the first Israelie-based Winery to receive a 90+ rating on wine.

Domenico Clerico

If you’re the most experienced wine enthusiast or just starting, always consider pursuing the highest quality of wine labels that will hold and gain value over time. One such brand is the Domenico Clerico.  This is a winery estate that is satisfied with being small in production and with good reason. It  helps them to directly relate toward the highest quality in wines available for consumption or collection. Wine enthusiasts should consider the Bricotto Cuvée label from Domenico Clerico. It is considered to be the rarest, as it is produced in merely 0.3 hectares of vineyard and there are only 750 magnums bottled annually.

As one who collects and enjoys high quality wines, economic impacts and value can be diversified with the accompaniment of such labels as the Castel Grand Vin or Domenico Clerico. This will help minimise any potential negative economic swing and the impact on wine values.  High quality has been shown to surpass market trends over the long term.  Take a moment today and diversify your wine cellar and find comfort in knowing that its quality will be preserved for the long term.