Five Reasons Why Wine May Just Save Your Life


Five ReasonsBack in the 5th century, talk emerged about a legendary spring that gave eternal youth and health to those who drank from its waters. The fountain of legend has taken on many different names over time and now, we might just be seeing a new iteration of it. Red wine has long been held to possess properties beneficial to health. Early physicians used to prescribe it as a cure, dating back to ancient Egyptian and Sumerian times.

Today, many wine aficionados live by the adage that a glass a day can help maintain general wellbeing in various ways. Debates rage, however, on how far this rule holds. Despite this, one thing is certain, There are surefire benefits to adding a glass of red wine to the diet.


  • It Promotes a Healthy Heart

Cardiovascular experts have promoted that a glass of wine a day helps preserve the structures of the heart and surrounding vessels. The reason behind this is an antioxidant phenolic compound known as reservatrol. This substance has been found in huge quantities in almost all varieties of wine grapes. It exists in greater quantities in red wine compared to white which may account for the widespread reputation of the former as a health tonic.
Reservatrol improves the ratio of good to bad cholesterol preventing plaque build-up in the major vessels of the cardiovascular system. This, in turn, lowers the risk of life-threatening heart diseases, particularly myocardial infarctions. Recent research, however, shows reservatrol may not quite be the answer. Though red wine still shows remarkable effects on cardiovascular health, it is unknown what actually causes this.


  • It Improves Memory

Consumption of large amounts of alcohol have been known to leave you with a nasty hangover and no memory of the night before. Drinking red wine in moderate quantities, though, helps alleviate the symptoms of dementia: mental deterioration that is often associated with advancing age.
These properties are attributed to the ability of red wine to increase the production of HDL, preventing clotting and increasing blood flow to the brain. It has also been known to aid in the release of the chemical, acetylcholine which is essential to proper brain function and memory improvement.


  • It Aids in Digestion

Red wine has also been known to promote a healthy digestive tract. The antibacterial nature of the alcohol has been known to eliminate bacteria associated with diarrhea. This ability has also been directly linked to the decreased occurrence of associated diseases.
With the elimination of harmful organisms, this lessens the incidence of gastritis and hyperacidity, which have been closely tied to susceptibility to gastric cancer. By promoting a clean digestive system, red wine helps decrease the possibility of contracting other, more serious diseases.


  • It Helps in Maintaining Your Phsyique

There may come a time when red wine will make exercise obsolete, or at least complement it. A Canadian study shows that a glass of vino is roughly equivalent to an hour of physical exertion. Its strong link to improved cardiovascular health is associated with a boost in heart performance.
This increased level of cardiac activity can result in a raise in metabolic levels. At this rate, fat cells are burned more rapidly, contributing to potential weight loss. It can also improve muscle performance, making it an especially useful alternative who aren’t physically fit enough for regular gym sessions.


  • It Elevates Your Mood

Lifesaver WineDid you ever experience that bubbly, elated feeling after a single glass of wine? Well, it’s not just your imagination. When taken in the proper amounts, red wine can do wonders for your overall disposition.
It has been related to a decreased incidence of depression. Medical surveys revealed a decreased incidence of the mood disorder in individuals who routinely consumed moderate quantities of wine. This finding held consistent despite the differences in lifestyle factors among respondents.
Remember that these benefits only apply with the appropriate amount of consumption. Drinking more than the required amount may lead to health deterioration. One glass per day for women and two glasses per day for men constitute the appropriate amount of wine required to reap the advantageous properties.
The next time you’re looking or a health fix, consider adding a glass of red wine to your everyday routine. Small changes can lead to better health down the road and the addition of your favorite vino may just be your key to better living.