Forgotten Roots Delivers Unique Wine Experience

Many people believe that wine is made exclusively from grapes. But there are also those who don’t know that wine can be made with something other than grape.

At Forgotten Roots: An American Heritage Winery in Windsor, Colorado, wine made from something other than grapes is the norm.

Returning to forgotten roots

Wine in BasketsYou won’t find grapes in this winery. Instead, you’ll find blueberries, pineapple, peaches, tart cherries, cantaloupe, rhubarb, carrots, and other fruits and vegetables inside the fermentation rooms of Forgotten Roots.

The winery was born from an idea that it was possible to make great wine from ingredients that were grown locally in Colorado. The US state is not known for grape production.

Before its opening this 2016, Forgotten Roots co-owner and winemaker Ryan Carroll told in an interview that they had plans to produce “super-micro batches” of fruit and vegetable wines in 5-gallon carboy bottles.

Carroll explained that he strives to push the limitations of modern winemaking in a way that harkens back to traditions of the first European forerunners, excluding grapes from his creations.

When American settlers journeyed west, they were accustomed to drinking wines hailing Europe. When they realized that growing vines in the west was too difficult, they learned to ferment other fruits and vegetables that were on hand – like cactus fruit, plums, and strawberries. That’s the winemaking style Forgotten Roots wants to emulate.

Before Carroll became a professional winemaker, he already had experience making fruity beverages. In fact, the first wine he produced was a hopped-apple wine made from the apple trees in his own vineyard.

“The first alcohol I ever tasted was some I produced myself,” Carroll said.

Much of the fruit Forgotten Roots uses in winemaking are sourced from the nearby farms. The Carrolls also enjoy foraging for ingredients in the wilds while on hiking trips.

In The Rocky Mountain Collegian article, Carroll mentioned that no fruit concentrates, syrups, or flavours make their way into any of his ferments, and that the natural flavours of the fruit are given priority.

It’s the same with the yeast they use to turn the fruit juice into wine. Carroll said that he uses the wild yeast which grows naturally on the skin of most fruits.

A different kind of experience

Forgotten Roots is located in a historic house that was built on Main Street in downtown Windsor back in 1894. There’s a wine bar operating within the premises. Hanging proudly on the wall is a framed copy of the original deed of the house which states that “Intoxicating liquors shall never be manufactured, sold or otherwise disposed of… in or upon the premises.”

Customers who come to Forgotten Roots are treated to glasses of wine from the winery and other local wineries. There’s also cider and mead – a honey-based beverage – which are available for purchase.

The bar also hosts weekly trivia nights, video game tournaments, and even art classes, to make a visitor’s experience even more memorable.

Enticing grapeless wine

Barrels of WineForgotten Roots creates wine that is both creative and impressive, and yet still manages to deliver that sweet simplicity reminiscent of the wine produced by early American settlers.

It delivers an interesting experience for every type of wine enthusiast. We recommend that you visit this place soon.