From Vine To Table: How Exquisite Wines From Around The World Are Brought To Our Cellar

January 25, 2024

It’s a minor miracle that a bottle of Chardonnay from France can sit next to a bottle of California Reds at a supermarket here in Singapore. Modern cross-border supply-chains and international wine shipping have made it easy and accessible for enthusiasts to enjoy wines from every corner of the globe. It’s a phenomenon that has accelerated the growth of the industry but has also profoundly changed its flavour.

For years exquisite wines were the sole domain of French vineyards. Today while Bordeaux and Burgundy still regularly produce high quality wines, wines from places as varied as Australia, New Zealand, and Argentina also compare favourably to the traditional wine-producing regions.

As tastemakers and connoisseurs of wine, it makes our job of finding the best bottles of vino for our members all that much more challenging and rewarding. Read on to find out more about how we source wines, acquire them, and bring them back to our state-of-the-art facility.

Sourcing The Best Wines

As romantic as it sounds, we do not personally visit every vineyard or winery we source our wines from. Very few people actually do. Most business in the high-end wine world is conducted via merchants and we are no different. Over decades we’ve built close relationships with experienced merchants who regularly send us consignments of wines and recommend to us new varieties to add to our collection via international wine shipping.

It is this expansive yet close-knit network that is at the heart of our success. Many retailers and even private collectors or enthusiasts might want to purchase a bottle of wine they’ve read about or tried while on holiday. But without the right connections, it will be difficult for them to get their hands on a steady supply.

Where Do We Get Our Wines From?

While we keep a watchful eye on emerging wine markets, we still focus on procuring the highest quality wines from around the world for our clientele. We import mostly from France, Italy, USA, Australia, and New Zealand through our wine shipping networks.

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We do have wines from other countries, but they make up a very small percentage of our total collection.

Acquiring Wine And Creating Contractual Agreements

Buying and selling wine is a business that’s very much about trust. Merchants prefer long-term relationships where they know there will be steady and sustained demand for their products, rather than individuals spot-buying a few bottles at a time. Our great advantage in the industry is our ability to bring together wine lovers from all over Singapore into one place to enjoy and appreciate exquisite wines. This puts us in prime position to sign long-term contracts for larger volumes of high-end wines that would not be possible for individual buyers.

Shipping And Storage Of Wines

Most of our wines are flown into the country, although for larger volumes we occasionally use sea freight. An important aspect of wine logistics is shipping wine in temperature-controlled environments to preserve the quality of the product. As a wholly owned subsidiary of CWT Logistics, we have over 50 years of global logistics experience and an impressive track record in wine storage and handling.

As a business, we live and breathe wine every day. And while we can go on about our favourite varieties and vintages, the day-to-day aspects of running a wine cellarage are equally important to our success. It’s what allows us to find the absolute highest quality investment-grade wines and store them securely for our members.

Interested to learn more about our collection or have a question about our wine storage facility? Reach out to us via our contact us page and our support team will follow up with you.

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