‘Hamilton the Musical’ Turns the Spotlight on Patriotic Wine Brand


Hamilton BodyHamilton has been a big hit on Broadway, and its success is spilling over to wines.

Featuring one of the most famous American Federalists in history on its label, it’s no surprise that the Broadway Musical has helped increased the popularity of Terlato Wine Group’s (TWG) Federalist wine.

The vino is becoming a popular choice for wine enthusiasts in and around the US.

Since its hit debut, the Federalist continues its momentum, selling over 25,000 cases last June. Some attribute its increase in popularity to Hamilton, the rap-driven musical focusing on the rise and fall of Alexander Hamilton. The musical itself is critically-acclaimed and has received several awards.

The wine connection

The wine and musical connection is a plausible theory, considering how well the show has been received. The story is also similar to a previously discussed Singapore Wine Vault blog about how President Obama’s own wine tastes influenced the popularity of another wine brand.

Chief Executive William Terlato thinks the Federalist has become quite significant since the musical came out. Sales of the wine brand went up during national holidays such as Independence Day, Memorial Day, and the weeks following the upcoming Labor Day. He added that the theatre where Hamilton plays in New York sold more than 700 cases of the Federalist, which supports the show’s positive effect on sales.

A label that screams patriotism

The Federalist offers six labels, all of which are grown in the Sonoma County vineyards. The estate grows mainly Zinfandel – a varietal that offers a bright berry fruit character and lively acidity taste. These characteristics has become the standard for US wines, especially those made during the days of the revolution.

Hamilton Body 2The bottle packaged with Alexander Hamilton’s face is known as the Duelling Pistols – a wine featuring aromas of blackberry and pepper. Made from a combination of Zinfandel and Syrah, it has big fruity flavours as well as a lively acidity. Balanced and spicy, it pairs quite well with chocolate, steak, and even pizza.

Another of its famous labels, the Federalist Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon, is a revolutionary wine honouring the man many know as the first American, Benjamin Franklin. It has become one of the fastest selling Cabernets in the US, and helps that a bottle sells for just over $15.

The Lodi Zinfandel, perhaps its most famous label, is a wine that was developed to honour the first President of the United States, George Washington. According to the Nielsen data, is now one of the top ten best sellers in the country.

Marching forward

TWG has plans to produce around 400,000 cases of the Federalist within the year, making it the top selling brand for the company.

With all the hype surrounding the US Political landscape, the recent 4th of July celebrations, and Hamilton, this could be the beginning of an increase in brand awareness  and it could lead to even more bountiful harvests for both the brand and TWG.