L’And Vineyards: Alentejo’s Hidden Gem

Located in Southern Portugal, Alentejo is steadily becoming a serious rival to its famed cousins Ibiza and Riviera. It’s also been compared to two of the world’s most beloved locations, Italy’s Tuscany and France’s Provence.

More than just a pretty place, however, it presents a curious enigma. Traveling along Alentejo will make you feel like you’ve stepped back 50 years into the past, where stillness and a slow pace of life is commonplace. By the time you reach the Atlantic Ocean by Southwest Alentejo, the sleepy past has been replaced by effervescent, gorgeous coastlines unmatched elsewhere in Europe.

Alentejo at a Glance

Alentejo covers more than a third of Portugal, and some of that land is home to Portugal’s most popular vineyards. Wines produced from the region are so prominent, in fact, that winemakers from other parts of Portugal have been known to grumble about the popularity of Alentejo’s wines.

Local gems such as L’And Vineyards take full advantage of Alentejo’s natural gifts for wine cultivation. Seamlessly blending modern design with the region’s long history of winemaking, L’And vineyard is both a viticulture and architectural wonder.

The Roots of L’And Vineyards

L’And Vineyards is nestled in a distinctive landscape featuring a lake and vineyards. An hour from Lisbon, it is an exclusive country club with only 22 suites are available to guests. The designers of L’And Vineyards have successfully integrated Alentejo’s rustic charm with contemporary architecture, creating a luxurious, serene ambiance.

One of its defining features is a formal wine garden that boasts a full oenological experience. Aside from the common vineyard areas and wine-tasting opportunities, oenology courses are also offered at the club. In addition, wine-themed events and contests add more depth to the average vineyard experience. L’And Vineyards also hosts the L’And wine club where connoisseurs can dive deep into culture and art of wine. On top of this, L’And wine club members also have the privilege of enjoying their grape wines in L’And reserve wines.

A Blend of Wine History and Modern Design

Much of L’And Vineyard’s character is founded on its architectural style. Designed by celebrated Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan, it heavily utilizes slate, wood, and natural stone accented by one-of-a-kind furniture styles, fabrics, and art pieces.

L’And Vineyard’s focal reception building embraces a modern reinterpretation of Arabic and Roman atrium architecture, creating an expansive library, living room, and gift shop that offers custom L’ANDMADE products. The central reception building is also home to the wine cellar and the wine club.

A major attraction of the club is its private suite collection that literally offers a night under the stars. Dubbed the Sky Suites, these feature a retractable ceiling for an awe-inspiring view of the heavens. They also contain a plunge pool alongside a personal, interior garden. Both the Sky Suites and the L’And Suites use wood and natural stone to cultivate an air of lavish relaxation. Kogan’s vision for L’And Vineyards gave rise to a plush atmosphere that characterizes a luxurious lifestyle, where even the smallest details conspire to create a tasteful, modern décor that achieves magnificence through simplicity.

Enter the Wine Cellar

Wine culture and viticulture are indelible parts of L’And Vineyards’ identity. The country club grows the usual Alentejo varieties with natural methods. As a result, its wine cellar stays true to the terroir of the Alentejo region while capturing the unique flavors of the landscape.

The inaugural 5,000 bottles of the L’And Vineyards wine vault were shaped by Touriga Franca, Alicante Bouschet, and Touriga Nacional. These three have heavily influenced the flavors, colors, aromas, and design of L’And Vineyards’ first wines. Through meticulous selection of grapes, rigorous wine making, and a maturation process that makes use of French oak casts, L’And vinters have produced grenadine-colored wine, infused with the aromas of mint, blackberry, toast, and spice, in an elegant and fully-structured variety.

Portuguese wines star in the Royal wine selection, and it’s advisable to sample these home-grown vintages that could be challenging to find elsewhere. Guests can also join a wine tasting event to fully appreciate the distinct notes of L’And Vineyeards’ Alentejo Wines, or they can dine in the club’s Michelin-starred restaurant. Helmed by Michelin-starred chef Miquel Laffan, the gourmet dishes are carefully curated and paired with the right wines for a stellar gastronomic experience.

An Unforgettable Experience

For years since its founding, visitors have raved about L’And Vineyards. From the eye-catching architecture to the well-appointed suites and accommodating staff, the country club presents an extraordinary time. In addition, guests have noted the knowledgeable and helpful sommelier that elevates the wine experience to a superb one.

The beautiful architecture, fantastic spacious rooms and good food made our vacation unforgettable,” writes a visitor from Belgium who called it a spectacular stay. Indeed, this seems to be the consensus.

Derived from “Alem-Tejo”, the name “Alentejo” means “beyond the Tagus River,” and if places such as L’And Vineyards are anything to go by, then the wine lifestyle that lays beyond the river is spectacular indeed.