The Lifespan of Uncorked Wine

The party began after uncorking a bottle of red wine to go with the dinner you prepared for your guests. The party ended hours later with the guests leaving with satisfied smiles on their faces. Empty wine bottles littered your table. But one, half-finished bottle remained.

You furrow your brows thinking that it’s already spoiled. Don’t worry. This half-full bottle of wine can still be stowed and saved for the next party.  Wine lasts for days or more after the bottles are uncorked.


On borrowed time

Bottles Side ViewThe lifespan of opened wine bottles depend on several factors. This includes the type of wine, the type of grapes used for the blend, as well as the winemaking method. The more affordable bottles are usually meant to be drunk soon after you buy them.

Corked wines will stay good for years – the expensive ones lasting over a decade. Although there are some wines, that if stored for a longer period of time, have the potential to develop richer aromas and tastes. Once a bottle is uncorked however, they’re on borrowed time. Fortified wines can last a month after it’s opened, but most other types of wines will only have days.

Drinking wine past its maturity date isn’t committing wine faux pas. It just won’t taste as great as it did when first opened.


Red wine

Placed in a fridge or some other cool and dark place, uncorked red wine will last around 3 to 5 days.

Wines with more tannins and acidity last longer. Low-tannin wines like Pinot Noir, won’t last as long compared to certain blends of Merlot, which have high tannins.


Full-bodied white wine

White wines tend to oxidize quicker than reds. This is because a  part of its winemaking process sees more oxygen in the pre-bottling aging stage. Generally, uncorked white wines take around 3 to 5 days. It’s suggested that you finish the bottle on day 3.


Rosé wine

Return the cap or cork to the bottle and then place the wine inside a fridge to keep it chilled. This will prolong its lifespan to last up to a week.

There is a chance that the overall fruit characters in the wine will diminish the longer you take to drink it.


Sparkling wine

Modern RackSparkling wines lose their carbonation rather quickly after being uncorked. They’ll usually last from 1 to 3 days, although a wine made using traditional methods like Champagne, which is bubblier, will last longer than wines using modern tank methods.




Enjoying the open bottle

You can save your half-finished wine to enjoy on another fun occasion, right down to the very last drop.

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