Spanish wines need no real introduction. It is one of the great wine-producing regions in Europe and the Mediterranean. From north to south, there are large to small producers, all  are vying for a piece of what is already a lucrative market for the Iberian Peninsular.

The range of Spanish wines was limited up until 20 years ago, but they have now become an emergent nation in serious contention with fine wines. There is fizz and crackle from new Spanish wine stars creating a serious revolution in the wine industry. We tour now what is anticipated at the upcoming Wines from Spain Fair.



The Best of Spanish Wine and Gastronomy

London Wine ExpoIf you’re in London this April, then you better check out the  Wines from Spain Fair. It will be helpd at the  historic Tobacco Dock Exhibition Centre. Now in its 27th year, the fair  promises much in content and appeal. Both press and trade are excited about the newly revamped show, which will spotlight both old and new producers.

There is a definite sense of excitement about this fair  as adventurous buyers can see what  Spain has to offer in new wine innovations. To accompany this truly wonderful wine experience, Spanish restaurant ‘Iberica’ will be providing gastronomic delights from Michelin-starred chef, Nacho Manzano. They will  feature signature dishes from his comprehensive menu. A selection of red, white and rose wines featured at the show will also be on offer.



Tasting Temptations

Two of the attractions at the show are the ‘self-pour feature tastings’ which will feature exhibitors picking their star wine from the show. Aside from that, there will be the ‘New Spanish Benchmarks’, which will highlight the growing number of varieties and styles that characterise the new and changing face of Spanish wines. With such vastly different regions and climatic conditions from the cool North West to the warm Levant area, this will indeed be a highlight of the presentations on offer.



Wine Education

London Wine ExpoWine education is heavily featured as well, with a series of masterclasses offered on a first come, first served basis. Topics covered are the Evolution of Winemaking in the Navarra region, hosted by producers from the region. Wines featured during this class will be both indigenous as well as international varieties, selected from 11 different bodegas.


Sherry is back in Favour and Flavour

If your consumer base is sherry, you will also enjoy the presentation by Beltran Domecq, whose name needs no explanation. He will talk about ‘fine, rare and aged sherry’ to give you an amazing insight into this fortified wine which has seen a resurgence particularly in Europe. Bertran is president of the CRDO Jerez-Xeres-Sherry y Manzanilla de Sanlucar de Barrameda, whose wealth of experience and depth of knowledge in this market is second to none.



A Fresh Approach

There will undoubtedly be fresh angles to explore, a wealth of wines, cavas and sherries to savour on your palate. Spanish wines exhibit a ‘money-for-money’ attitude in both quality and value in every bottle. Both classic and emerging regions will be fully represented at the fair with features on the latest vintages from 69 DO’s (Denominacion de Origen).

The Spanish approach to increasing export sales and brand awareness will be ‘fresh’ and refreshing. Considering that many of the wine-producing regions are not that well-known or well-visited, the marketing philosophy and eagerness of the exhibitors will provide new and exciting additions to their portfolio.  It will be refreshing change of pace.



What’s on Show

Over 1300 wine varieties will be on offer from all  including wine-producing region in Spain, including those from prominent regions such as Andalucia, Galicia, Catalonia, the Levant and the Basque territory.

Celebrated reds such as Rioja, Tempranillo and Garnacha are all familiar to the palate, but whites will make an increased appearance at the fair having come into prominence in the last few years. Albarino and Macabeo are popular in the white grape category forming the base for some delicious Galician wines, with the latter also being used to make cava.

Sixty seven (67) exhibitors comprising both importers and exporters will showcase an impressive range of red, white, rose and cava wines from both popular and almost undiscovered regions. Visit as many as you can to experience the diversity of terroirs, grapes and wine styles to savour a true Spanish experience.