More than One Large Glass of Wine a Day May Cause Pregnancy Issues

A new study suggests that women with a habit of drinking a large glass of wine each night may be harming their chances of getting pregnant.


How is it an issue?

DangersIn a recent study published by the BMJ, researchers discovered that the chances of getting pregnant within 12 months can drop for women who regularly drink more than 14 servings of wine a week. That would amount to about 240ml of wine per day.

Several national health guidelines from many countries, including the U.K., recommend that women trying to conceive should refrain from drinking.  Interestingly, there has been no sufficient evidence to support this.

That’s why researchers conducted a study with the objective of investigating the connection between pregnancy and alcohol consumption.

The study was conducted with over 6,000 Danish women as participants. Each woman, between the ages of 21 to 45, was actively trying to conceive, and had a stable relationship with a male partner. None of the participants had received any form of fertility treatment prior to participation.


What were the results?

PouringFor women who drank more than 14 servings of alcohol a week, the chances of conceiving dropped by as much as 18%. One in five women who would have gotten pregnant, failed to conceive because they consumed too much alcohol. Basically, they drank too much.

However, according to the BMJ, the “Consumption of less than 14 servings of alcohol per week seemed to have no discernible effect on fertility.

To be clear, drinking a smaller serving of winea 120ml glass of wine equivalent to a can of beer doesn’t impact fertility. In comparison, a large glass of wine would be around 250 ml.

Annie Britton from University College London said that the study offered some reassurances to couples that were trying to conceive.  

“Cutting down together is sensible, but abstinence is unnecessary.” – Annie Britton.


In fact, there are already several studies that support the claim where in drinking wine can help keep you healthy.

As long as you drink wine moderately, there should be no negative effects when trying to get pregnant.