Pokemon Go: Have Some Wine While You’re at It


Bet you never thought you’d read those two words in the same sentence, but it’s true.

The Pokemon Go phenomenon has potentially made it’s way to the wineries and restaurants of the world.

Catch that Pokemon!

PokemonGO BodyFollowing the launch of Pokemon Go earlier this month on Android phones and iPhones, players have been scrambling everywhere, using their smartphones to catch the lovable animated critters that inhabit the world of Pokemon.

The idea is to catch as many of them as you can, and just like the game world, they’re hidden everywhere. Possibly even in the restaurants you love to frequent.

Some businesses believe that it could work as an out-of-the-box marketing tool for wineries and restaurants that want to attract a nostalgic millennial crowd who have fond memories of the game.  

Pokemon Found!

Several Pokemon sightings have been tweeted by restaurants, wineries, and vineyards.

One restaurant that’s been caught up by the Pokemon Go craze is the Michelin-starred Noma in Denmark. Head chef Rene Redzepi tweeted that the restaurant recently had customers who were playing the viral game during lunch.

Madfish Wines in Australia tweeted they found feisty water and earth type Pokemon roaming around their vineyard.

The Regional Wine Council in Burgundy (BIVB) also tweeted about Pokemon, sending out a warm welcome to any player wanting to visit the vineyard and share the wines.

Chardonnay Go: ‘Pokemon Go’ for mothers

Millennials may not be the only group interested in the idea of pairing Pokemon Go with wine.

There’s a viral video by one Dena Blizzard where she introduces Chardonnay Go, a new app focused on moms that helps them find Chardonnay around their neighborhood.  It’s a funny spoof of the Pokemon Go game, and has been viewed over 20 million times.

Many of the commenters are calling for someone to make the game a reality.

The Hunt for Art and Wine

PokemonGO Body 2Hunting for Pokemon isn’t the only kind of hunt one can find in wineries.

In fact, several wineries from Tuscany are displaying artworks by famous artists to encourage wine and art enthusiasts to explore the Tuscan wine country in search of good wine and captivating art.

“The Art of the Treasure Hunt” project includes films, photographs, and sculptures, all of which can be found in the following wineries: The Castello di Brolio, Colle Bereto, Castello di Ama, Felsina, Gagiole, Borgo San Felice, and Castello di Volpaia.

It may even be possible for unknowing tourists taking pictures with their smartphone to accidentally capture a Pokemon of their own while they’re there. That’s just the kind of world we live in now.