Our Sommelier, Bernard Mak on his pick of the week: Sake

I have to say that I’m pretty lucky whenever it comes to sourcing for sake, as most time I can chance upon something rare and very sought after. However, on my recent trip to HKG, a sales staff recommended a Daiginjo. He told me that it was a drink that had a good price and the taste was exquisite. I have no knowledge of what it is, and considering that I’m a very busy sommelier, I only remembered paying HK$465 and taking it.

So, what happened? Instead of using a sake cup, it was poured into a wine glass. Immediately, the aroma of spring flowers streamed up my nose and my senses told me this was a gem.

The chilling did magnify the acid level, and it balanced well with the manageable alcohol content of 16%. The famous Aiyama rice that the house Amabuki produced for this Daiginjo was just magic. I have to admit I kept chasing for it the entire night. The surprising thing is I didn’t have Japanese cuisine– I opted to try it out over Cantonese at the famous Peach Blossom at Marina Mandarin. Deep friend parrot fish with salt and pepper, as simple as that. Always talk to sales staff and ask for recommendations, and you will never know what you get!