The Growing Exploits of New Zealand Wine

RangeThe country that brought the world of J.R.R. Tolkien to life isn’t just famous for its real-life depictions of the Shire, Rivendell, or fictional Mt. Doom. It’s also known for its local wines that are popular on the global market. So successful in fact, that according to new industry figures, New Zealand’s wine exports are on track to make around NZ$2 Billion by 2020.




Annual growth

An annual report from New Zealand Winegrowers stated that New Zealand wine exports jumped by as much as 10% in value, reaching nearly NZ$1.6 Billion to date.

“The on-going progress towards the $2 billion goal is founded on our reputation as a wine exporter of the first rank, crafting and marketing distinctively-New Zealand, high-quality, high-value wines.” – New Zealand Wine Growers.

The report went on to highlight three factors that impacted the export value growth of this year. These were strong demand in key markets, supply constraints that came after the 2015 vintage, and the decline of the New Zealand and U.S. dollars.

The key export markets are the U.S. (with an increase of about 24%), the U.K. (8% increase), Canada (13%), and the Netherlands(7%).


The New Zealand wine industry

PlantationNew Zealand is backing up the local wine industry with bigger investments in wineries and local vineyards. They’re also updating winemaking infrastructure, such as modern equipment, in order to allow the local producers to stay competitive on a global scale. These are just some of the measures New Zealand is doing to ensure that wine continues to contribute positive figures to the New Zealand Economy.

On the international markets, New Zealand wine fetches a premium price and competes directly with many of the other premium winemaking countries. Some of their key overseas competitors are France, Chile, and Germany.

Besides being known for having its human population dwarfed by the size of the sheep living there, New Zealand is currently the 18th largest producer of wine on the global market. In the past decade, its wine production has increased by around 13.5%.


Some wines from New Zealand to enjoy

Paddy Borthwick Sauvignon Blanc 2014

This is a refreshing Sauvignon Blanc blend that opens with intense flavours of grapefruit and gooseberry. It’s vibrant and tangy palate results in a wine of class and finesse.

Craggy Range Rosé, Gimblett Gravels Vineyard 2015

A serious rosé wine that features a blend of Merlot and Syrah. It’s packed with raspberry and cranberry fruit flavours, supported by a crisp and dry palate that ends with a long finish.

Framingham F Series old Vine Riesling 2014

This Riesling offers notes of lemon and white flowers, with some minerality. Its steely acidity is balanced by an alluring purity of white ripe fruit on the finish.