The Wine App that Helps You Choose Your Next Favourite


Wine AppChoosing the perfect wine to go with your dinner can be a difficult task.

For the untrained, it can take from rushed minutes to tedious hours. Sometimes you’ll pick a wine that’s too sweet for your tastes. Other times, you’ll buy something that’s too sour. Often, you’ll go online and check wine reviews or ask an expert.

The problem with asking others is that not everyone has the same tastes or preferences as you do. It means you won’t necessarily like what they like. It’s remarkable how much technology can help ease our way of life, especially when it comes to wine. And now there’s an app for that.

Introducing Wine Ring

Wine Ring is a new smartphone app that helps you choose wine based on your personal preferences. It’s simple to use. All you need to do is rate a wine – dislike, so-so, like, and love. The app’s advanced algorithm will use your preferences to recommend new wines.

The developers believe that a person instinctively knows something about wine – whether you’re just a beginner or an enthusiast. You don’t need to know anything other than that instinct to make the app work.

Wine Ring builds a Preference Profile™ for its users and updates it every time the user rates a wine. The more wine the user rates, the better the profile will work as the app’s technology evolves with your changing preferences.

Preference Style™ is another app feature that you can find in your Preference Profile. It summarizes what you dislike or like in wine.

If the wine you’re looking at isn’t in Wine Ring’s database then just snap a photo of the label and type in the vintage. Wine Ring will add your wine to their list as soon as possible.

Wine Ring works with wine experts who tasted  thousands of wines  (and continue to do so) so you won’t have to. You’ll get good recommendations that are in-line with your preferences.

Master sommelier and founder of SommSelect, Ian Cauble, told CNBC that the app is “Incredibly important, creating an unparalleled experience, because consumers can’t rely solely on critics to pick their wine and food, something that other apps and business models have tried to do.”

Connecting with the sellers

For restaurateurs and retailers, Wine Ring can program their functions to work with the business’s inventory of wines, and provide recommendations based on the wine list.

The app helps distributors gain insights on which wines their customers prefer. They also provide comparisons with other wines being sold in the area of the distributor’s business.

For wineries, Wine Ring can offer e-tastings that are based on the winery’s selections, helping consumers remember what they taste and like.

The development team

Your Next Favorite Wine“I am extremely excited and hopeful about artificial intelligence and the good that it can bring to the world. Together we are creating a landscape — a whole new way of thinking about how we can bring to bear technology — in the context of making these recommendations.” – from Pam Dillon, co-founder and CEO of Wine Ring, during an interview with CNBC.

Pam Dillon had 15 years of experience in Wall Street before she moved on to consumer retail. She told CNBC that her company wanted to create a product that could allow customers to determine for themselves how they felt about a product, to personalize and expand their consumer experience.

Wine Ring currently profits from licensing its technology, and from selling the data gathered by the app to the vineyards, wineries, and retailers.

The app is currently being used in 80 countries.

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