Wine Cookies and Ice Cream? Yes Please

Wine pairs well with a lot of food, be it an appetizer, entrée, and even dessert. Most of the time, it comes as an accompaniment to the food– you drink the wine in between chews. For others, they use it in their recipes, adding a splash of wine to give the dish a rich or bright flavour.

However, some businesses love vino so much, they’ve actually made wine the star of some of their gastronomic creation. This time around, the food are sweet and perfect for the weather wherever you are in the world.

Chill with Wine Ice Cream

Wine Ice Cream BodyBaltimore in Maryland is combining two of our favourite comfort food: ice cream and wine.

Winecream — the tangible combination of wine and ice cream– is becoming a popular dessert slash treat for wine lovers who are looking for another way to enjoy their vino. This culinary creation surprisingly blends wine and dairy in a palate-delighting dish.

One cup of the winecream contains about 10% ABV, equivalent to a cup of red wine.

How it’s Made

Gone are the days of cranking dairy mixtures in a bucket of ice and rock salt. Winecream is created by flash freezing the mixture of wine and cream.

How is this achieved? Liquid nitrogen, which freezes the wine and ice cream mixture instantly at a temperature of -320°F. This instant freezing keeps the ice cream sweet without losing the wine’s alcohol content.

This boozy dessert is the creation of the Crossroad Company, a family-owned business in Baltimore. They started selling the winecream at local festivals and private events back in 2014, but it was only recently that it gained traction.

The ingredients of Winecream are mostly natural; fair warning, however as this sweet delicacy may not be suitable for weight-watchers. Instead of the usual red or white wines, Crossroad uses fruit wines with flavours of strawberry, mixed berry, pineapple and peach.

Since it’s made in small batches, special orders can be made. You can choose your favourite flavours to fit your personal taste or dietary restrictions. No matter the flavour combinations, you’ll be enjoying Winecream that promises to be extremely delicious and refreshing to the soul.

Winecream will be offering pints in Maryland and DC beginning the summer 2016. Eventually, Winecream plans to expand through the availability of shipments to other Mid-Alantic states by the end of 2016.

The Winecreams will sell for about $15 a pint, exclusive of shipping. Available flavours include mixed berry and chocolate-covered strawberry.

Wine Pairings

Cookies and Ice CreamIf the wine ice cream is still not enough for you, we have a few recommendations on what to pair with the Winecream.

For the chocolate-covered strawberry, you can pair it with a Banyuls or a Maury wine, preferably from France’s Roussillon. Typically made of Grenache Noir grapes, these Vins Doux Naturels (DVN) wines are made with up to 16% fortification. These wines feature rich flavours and aromas of red fruits, which goes well with the richness of ice cream.

For the mixed berries, a Black Muscat wine should be a good partner, thanks to its floral and berry flavours that complement the winecream. You can also go for an off-dry rosé, which is perfect for cutting the sweetness of the ice cream.

Wine and Biscuits

Looking for a treat to go with your drink come wine o’ clock? Try wine cookies.

These Italian specialty treats have made their way overseas and  onto our dinner tables. These rich purple biscuits are the perfect blend of red wine, olive oil, sugar and flour — creating a boozy treat for adults. Sweet and alcoholic, the biscuits are twisted to appear as a ring.

When it comes to pairings, you’ll want the red wine and subtle sweetness of the biscuit to come through. A good option is a simple, light prosecco, preferably one with Conegliano and/or Valdobbiadene on the label. This type of wine will give your baked treats the light fruity flavours and acidity. It’ll be perfect for cutting the richness of the biscuit.

There’s more to wine than drinking. With the right imagination and flavour combinations, you can enjoy your favourite vino in ways you likely couldn’t have imagined.