World Capital of Wine: Paris Leads in Consumption by City


Where there is wine, there are glasses to be raised and toasts to be made. When it comes to cities around the world, we now know which ones are having the most tipples.

Toasting to the Cities

World Capital Body 1A recent French study has listed the top wine-drinking cities around the world. Unsurprisingly, the city where people drink the most wine is in France. Surprisingly, it’s not the wine capital Bordeaux.

Paris comes out on top, according to the research released by the INSEEC business school in France. More wine is drunk in the City of Lights than in any other city in the world, making Paris the ‘world capital of wine’.

Let’s Drink to That

Parisians drink the equivalent of 697 million bottles of vin every year, according to the statistics gathered and analysed with the help of the L’Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin [International Organisation of Vine and Wine] (OIV).

This translates to every person in the city above 15 years old drinking almost 69 bottles (51.7 litres) of wine per year. Of course, this could have taken into account non-locals– Paris is a beloved tourist destination, after all, and many tourists combine wine and travel.

Moreover, Paris is the only French city to make it on the list.

Other Top Drinkers

World Capital Body 2Coming in at #2 is Buenos Aires in Argentina, with a consumption of 457 million bottles per year, or a per capita rate of 32.2 litres.

Ruhr in West Germany is at #3, with 385 million bottle, or 28.5 litres per capita. London and New York round out the Top 5, with 369 million (24.7 litres per capita) and 308 million bottles (12.1 per capita), respectively.

6. Milan: 301m bottles; 38.9 litres per capita

7. Los Angeles: 241m bottles; 12.1 litres per capita

8. Naples: 188m bottles; 38.9 litres per capita

9. Madrid: 181m bottles; 25.2 litres per capita

10. Rome: 177m bottles; 38.9 litres per capita

On a per capita basis, the three Italian cities of Milan, Naples, and Rome combined would have placed second behind Paris.