How To Properly Store Wine In Singapore

May 1, 2023

Wine is a living breathing thing during its time in the bottle. The flavours of wine mature and deepen slowly, which is why wine can be aged over long periods to increase its value. But this propensity for change also means it is particularly vulnerable to influence from environmental factors. Storing wine in the right conditions then assumes a greater importance, as wine kept incorrectly will lose its complex flavours and aromas, develop an unpleasant taste, and in some cases even become undrinkable.

Storing wine bottles in an equatorial climate like Singapore presents its own challenges. Light, heat, and humidity are all natural enemies of wine and keeping your treasured bottles safe from the elements can be a perpetual struggle. Here are a couple of suggestions to assist you in properly storing your wine in Singapore.

1. Keep It Out Of Sunlight

Grapes need sunlight to flourish, and indeed the great vineyards are located where sunshine is abundant. Once turned into wine however, even brief exposure to sunlight can cause damage and wreck the delicate flavours of the beverage. This is largely due to UV radiation which interacts with the many chemical compounds in wine, leading to a musty taste and aroma. Coloured glass wine bottles offer some level of protection, but it is up to individual owners to keep their wines in the dark for optimal preservation.

2. Stay Away From Heat

Wine needs to be stored at around 11-14 degrees celsius. At higher temperatures, wine can age too rapidly and spoil. With average daily temperatures that hover between 24-31 degrees celsius, wine bottles kept outside in Singapore will retain their unique and prized flavours for long.

Cool dark environments are ideal for storing wine, which is why rare or precious wines are often kept in cellars. If you’re storing wine at home, keep it away from light and heat by stowing your bottle in a cupboard. If you frequently buy expensive bottles of wine that you plan to age or drink only on special occasions, then it would be best to invest in a wine cooler.

Wine coolers are able to maintain very low temperatures to ensure your bottles are in optimal conditions. Many coolers also allow you to manually set the temperature which proves beneficial as white wines usually do better in lower temperatures, while reds can be reliably stored at the higher end of the recommended range.

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3. Go For Professional Storage

As a serious wine collector or investor, home storage solutions may not be adequate for your needs. There is always the risk of power outages or equipment failure, which can rapidly destroy high-end wines. With the prices of rare wines reaching into the several thousands, it’s better to leave your precious investment in the hands of experts dedicated to storing your wine in state-of-the-art facilities.

This is where professional wine storage companies shine. With temperature and humidity controlled wine cellars in Singapore, they provide the perfect conditions for wine to age and thrive inside the bottle. These facilities also do not allow natural light to enter, so spoilage from UV radiation is not a concern. They also have extensive security features and emergency backup systems so you can rest assured that your bottles of wine are safe, secure, and ready for you to enjoy anytime you want.

When choosing a professional storage company, always do your research to ensure that they have the capabilities to store your wine properly and have a long history of doing so reliably.

At Singapore Wine Vault, we have the largest urban wine space in the region which spans over 75,000 feet. With over a decade of experience in wine handling, we are constantly innovating to elevate wine storage into wine lifestyles. Contact us today to get in touch with our team and find out more about our cellarage services.

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